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Is Concussion to Blame for Increase in NFL Suicides?

The sudden and unexpected death of Junior Seau yesterday has sparked debate over the effect concussion and head injuries actually have on NFL players. Ray Easterling, Dave Duerson, Terry Long and Andre Waters all committed suicide in recent years and Alex Karras, who now suffers dementia,  is among over 100 ex players suing the NFL for not doing enough to protect them from head injuries. The link between brain injuries and  violent behavior and suicides among NFL players is becoming more and more apparent. Just before Dave Duerson shot himself in the chest he texted his family asking them to have his brain used for NFL research. It is believed  Seau also shot himself in the chest.  Very sad indeed. RIP Seau.


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Soccer Player Linked To Famous Deaths

Oh dear, Arsenal soccer player Aaron Ramsey has been linked to some very high profile deaths. Seems every time he scores a goal, a famous figure dies within a few days. His last four goals have resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden, Steve Jobs, Ghadaffi and  Whitney Houston. Hmm, luckily he doesn’t score that often!


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Link Between the Pill and Prostate Cancer

No need for alarm people  but doctors in Canada believe there is a link between oral contraceptive pills and  prostate cancer. No silly, men aren’t taking them!!! It seems that the estrogen from the birth control pills are being excreted through women’s pee, into the toilets and ending up in our friggin water supply systems. Hello, chemicals that interfere with hormones have a good chance of leading to cancer. Dear god, NOW, everybody panic!  Researchers have long been concerned about the increase of prostate cancer over the past 40 years which coincides with the increase use of the pill.


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I Hope This Won’t Interfere With The Cricket?

O’oh, the US ambassador to Pakistan thinks there is a link between the Haqqani militant network and the Pakistani government. This could end in tears! The attack in Kabul a few days ago, which left 25 dead, was the work of Haqqani group. Despite the US government not wanting to cause more tension with Pakistan they are getting more and more suspicious of the government’s involvement and their lack of action. US officials have made it clear to Pakistan if they don’t take serious measures  to stop the terrorist group the US will  take action even if it is on Pakistani soil. I’m assuming this will  be all reiterated in the  standard tersely worded letter.


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Insects Get A Reprieve!

Geez, that will explain why I keep pissing down my leg !

Oh dear god, pregnant women, step away from the insect repellent now! European researchers have discovered a link between bug spray and penis birth defects in babies. The defect in question is  hypospadias, which basically means the opening of the penis ends up on the underside away from the tip. Ooh messy. Anywho, after major studies they think the most likely culprit is N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide (it’s friggin DEET OK!) an active ingredient found in most repellents. You can read more about it here Courier Mail.


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