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Sleep With One Eye Open Ohio

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my. We not in Kansas anymore folks. Nope, we’re in Ohio where people have been warned to run for their lives if they come across an exotic or dangerous animal after the owner of a preserve was found dead. Evidently Terry Thompson had  let all his animals loose before killing himself creating a real life Jumanji. Sadly police were forced to shoot many of the animals, including Bengal tigers but were still combing the area in night vision goggles looking for more lions, tigers, leopards, a giraffe, several monkeys and grizzly bears.


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What’s New Pussycat?

Oooh shit, my money's on the lions!

Come on people, where else would you get that up close and personal with a pride of lions? Geez, a group of British tourists are pissed that their resort safari jeep overturned and spilled them into a bunch of angry lions (Gosh, you know how many people would kill for that opportunity?). The incident happened at the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve near Cape Town. They are blaming the driver for causing  the tip over by reversing too fast up a steep embankment. Added to the trauma was the fact the lions saw the tourists as ..well lunch! Needless to say they are suing the asses off the park.

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