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Who Flung Dung?

OK, here’s the thing bickering women, dumping your cat’s kitty litter boxes onto each others property ain’t gonna solve anything and will really confuse the cats! Here’s how it all went down….911 receives a call at 4.04 am by one of the women who reports an assault. At 4.07am the other woman rings 911 and tells dispatchers her neighbor had emptied a kitty litter tray in her front yard so as retaliation she had chucked her cat’s kitty litter tray over the neighbors car and was then attacked for her troubles. Enter police who have bigger things to worry about and send both ladies to their neutered neutral corners.


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The Cat Needs To Know Who’s Boss

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

OK, the first mistake was thinking he could teach a cat a lesson (like that would ever happen). A Boynton Beach man was so pissed off that his puddy cat had decided to use his bed as a litter tray, he dragged it into the garage, pulled out a handgun and fired it into a flotation device in an attempt to scare the shit out of it (and teach it a lesson). Hmm, I guess the noise woke the neighbors and they rang the police. Cat 1 man 0.

Psst I’m thinking that cat shat in his bed deliberately!


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