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She’s Got A Ticket To Ride

All this little snowflake wanted for her birthday was a ride on a train. No loons she doesn’t fall off the platform…sheez.


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Mini Makena sings Adele


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Here, Catch This Little Girl

Might want to work on your catching skills….just sayin!

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Mini Theft Auto

Gone in 60 seconds!

Sheez, what sort of person would carjack a Barbie Power Wheel Jeep from a little girl? Hmm, a friend of her granny’s , that’s who. Seems while the little girl had her eye off Barbie’s jeep the lady slipped it into her car, took off and then the boyfriend sold it for $20.

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Rocked Around Her Clock!

Little snowflake fail ….

Psst Would you call it a toe sandwich?

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The House Of Malaria

Last night I went to a friend’s house and their little girl was so excited to show me the tadpoles she had caught that day. So I went into their laundry and looked down into her little aquarium, only to see these things staring back at me.


They ain’t no tadpoles little girl, they are friggin mosquito larvae. Everybody scream.

Psst They should have reached the Indian Ocean by now!


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A Snowflakes Daily Affirmations

It’s great to be positive but when you see this little snowflake it kinda makes you lose faith in mankind.I swear that baby screamed “make it stop!!!”.

Psst I hope she’s that positive when she is doing her 12 steps program!


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Soft Target

Man snatches three year olds purseWhat sort of person would snatch a three year old’s purse? Geez Walter Brown that was pretty mean, pick on someone your own size. Hmm, seems the 23 year old just couldn’t help himself when he saw the little girl swinging her purse down the street as she walked with her aunt. Well,I hope the few dollars was worth it Walter, because “stealing from a little girl” isn’t going to look good on your rap sheet or to fellow prisoners!


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