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Teen Buys Live Bomb Over Internet

Note to self , do not buy a live bomb over the internet. Luke Stillman lost several fingertips and received horrific burns after a Spanish 81mm mortar he bought from a military dealer went kaboom . The 16 year old believed the mortar to be deactivated when he began to tinker with it. The live bomb was sent by Royal Mail through the post.


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Bomb Alaska!

I only put my friggin beer on it for goodness sakes!

The World War II bomb that had been circulating around Kodiak, Alaska for 60 years was finally given to the Military History Museum for display.Hmm, but instead of greeting it with open arms, Curt Law and Joe Stevens sort of said… WTF. Friggin thing was packed with 600lbs of explosives. Oh and it gets better, the only reason they were gifted the bomb was because the bar which it was displayed outside of, Jim’s Diamond, closed down. All the locals just assumed it was full of concrete. Hmm, surprise…KABOOM!

Psst On the casing someone had written “U da bomb”


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