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Catch Of The Day

A Missouri man avoided a big bang when he reeled in a sock containing a live hand grenade while fishing.  Enter bomb squad who identified it as a “Mark 2 pineapple grenade from the Vietnam era,”. Sheez, imagine if he had hooked the pin ….fish for everyone!!!!


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That Could Have Been A Blast

Why is it I never find cool stuff in the crap I buy? Some woman in North Carolina found a live grenade in the drawer of an antique sewing machine she purchased. Yes indeedy, the Seymour Johnson Air force Base Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit were called in and they confirmed it was a live German grenade from WWI.

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Sir, Isn’t That Live?


OK, here’s the thing Filipino bomb squad training instructor, when using a live grenade during a lecture please don’t pull out the safety pin or people will get injured. The dude was teaching other officers how to handle explosive devices when he accidentally pulled the pin and kaboom. Six policemen were injured including himself.

Want sauce with that?


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