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Incy Wincy

Luckily this news reporter didn’t look what was crawling down her arm…

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Putin or Quit

Liz Wahl you too can take a bow. The Russia Today’s  American  news anchor interupted her  live broadcast to tell the network they could stick it. Wahl was so pissed at how the station (Russian funded) continued to water down Putin’s actions in the Ukraine, she made a little speech and then quit.


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Jerry, Jerry, Jerry

Welcome to Greek TV. Ilias Kasidiaris, a spokesman for Greece’s extremist far-right Golden Dawn party, took offense at a comment made by Communist Party member Liana Kanelli during a political show so punched her in the face three times live on air.


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Dummy Spit Alert

Sheez, some reporters are just so precious!


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Made In India

An Indian space rocket carrying an advanced communication satellite was intentionally kaboomed 47 seconds after lift-off because it veered off course. Hmm, and whats more, the whole friggin disaster was captured on live TV, awkward.

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Shoe Throwing Fail

Oh for the love of god man, if you want “global” attention, throw your friggin shoes at the Pope, dumbass. Peter Gray, who chucked his shoes at former Australian Prime Minister John Howard during a live TV show last night, has become a laughing stock instead of a hero because basically….. he threw like a girl. The shoes were thrown to show his displeasure at Howard having committed Aussie troops to the Iraq War (Hmm, might want to have thrown them in 2003). When questioned about the incident Mr Gray said “I wanted to throw my shoes at John Howard and have the rest of the world see it”. Why? No one gives a shit and plus, you threw like a girl! One audience member told a bemused John Howard “if that’s all they’ve got to throw at you, you’ve got nothing to worry about”.

That’s not shoe throwing, you pansy…

This is shoe throwing


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Australia’s Next Top Flop

OMG, blahahahah, awkward. Australia’s Next Top Model finale turned into an all out embarrassing live TV F*** up, after Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner. With the crowd going berserk and Kelsey Martinovich’s parents jumping out of their seats, an extremely embarrassed Sarah Murdoch was left having to stop the celebrations to announce she had named the wrong winner… it was really Amanda Ware.

Psst Hmm, I wonder if this was staged? Seems words out that Harper’s Bazaar mag had already posted a congrats to  Amanda at 4.51pm!!!! The show finale wasn’t until 7.30pm. Hello, did the votes really count? Were  people  paying 50 cents to vote for nothing?  I suspect the modeling agencies and the magazines have more influence than the general public!

Was it rigged?


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Live TV and a Cock Sock

Don’t you just love live TV. Some poor reporter was left a tad embarrassed after a man wearing a sock on his penis stepped into frame. Awkward!


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Upchuck Fail

I think it’s the awkward silence following the host’s early exit which makes this such a winner…

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Dave Saved

Onya Dave

OMG, David Kiely gets to keep his job. All hail Macquaire Bank, who never saw so much publicity in all their life. Mr Kiely would like to thank all his fans and especially Miranda Kerr who graciously stepped in to give her two cents worth. Wow, now Dave can go back to his god awful boring job. Congrats Dave. Pants off the ground!


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