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Uber Cat Women

pooHow many cats can you fit into a small trailer home? Well, two women in Chickamauga, Georgia managed to squeeze 160 of them into theirs . Evidently the poop was a foot high in some areas of the home. The discovery was made after neighbors complained of cat piss smells coming from the home.  The women told officials that there were already around a dozen cats living in the trailer before they moved in and they decided to let them stay. Hmm, well on the bright side,  at least there wouldn’t have been any mice.


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Russian Cowgirl

Thank goodness, her teeth hurt!!!

A little 5 year old “feral” girl who can only communicate by mooing has been discovered in Russia living with a herd of cows . Police were called to a property in the Ural mountains after concerned locals noticed her and  found the mooing child AND the parents who apparently let her live amongst the bovine.


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I’m Alright, Don’t You Worry About Me

A dumbass gopher is refusing to relocate despite living right next to a rocket launch pad in Kazakhstan. Oh dear, we’ve all seen Caddyshack, this is not going to end well!!!!

original footage


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Was Lord Lucan Living In South Africa?

No shit!

Could the Lord Lucan mystery finally be solved? A woman is claiming that Lord Lucan fled Britain after he became the number one suspect in  the murder of his children’s nanny Sandra Rivett in 1974 and went a hiding in South Africa. The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, claims that Lucan’s gambling buddy the late John Aspinall helped hide him. Aspinall also organized several special trips for Lucan’s kids to visit South Africa (where Lucan saw them but didn’t meet them). OK, loons, don’t hold your breath, there have been numerous false sightings of the elusive Lord over the years, including him being a member of the Mucky Duck Bush Band , an Aussie MP who was also coincidentally was trying to fake his own death, a hippy living in Goa and a Kiwi living in a Land Rover. If this report is correct Lord Lucan died somewhere between the 1990’s-2000.


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Room With A View

You know what I hate? When a friggin worm starts living behind your eye for 9 months. I really friggin hate that. An Iowa man was a tad concerned when he  noticed two spots on his left eye were beginning to  obscure his vision. He toddled off to the hospital to be told it was some  friggin worm using his eye as a bachelor pad.  No worries, the doctors got out their weapon of choice and zapped it with a laser. OK, the worm wasn’t giving up without a fight, requiring another round of laser  zapping before it would die. John Matthews isn’t sure if it was a worm he picked up holidaying in Mexico or a raccoon roundworm he caught while turkey hunting. Ewh.


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