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That’s Not Fare

Man dodges subway fare gets 7 years for carrying gunOK, here’s the thing dude who skipped paying the $2.25 fare on the subway in New York. Don’t be caught carrying a friggin loaded .40-caliber Smith & Wesson in your waistband because that’s like seven years in prison. Dude, you should have just coughed up the $2.25.


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One Way To Get Out Of Doing Chores

Moral of the story is never carry a loaded gun in your pocket while mowing the lawn because it might fall out, discharge and shoot you in the goddam leg. Ain’t that right mister from Colorado Springs?


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Guns and Sex Don’t Mix

A man in Oklahoma told police he accidentally shot his wife in the head during a fantasy sex game involving a gun. Awkward! Hmm, Arthur John Sedille (23) told police he grabbed a handgun from next to the bed, cocked the gun, put it  to Rebecca Sedille’s  head and it went kaboom. He said he didn’t have a clue it was loaded. Mrs Sedille (50) was pronounced dead at the  hospital.


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Hey, Want to See My Party Trick?

You know what I hate? When guests at a Russian wedding decided to play Russian Roulette in front of a horrified bride and groom not knowing the gun was loaded. I really hate that. Evidently one of the guests, who was giving a toast, put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger thinking it was empty, he then passed it to another guest who pulled the trigger and kaboom! A rubber bullet exploded into his skull causing brain damage and paralysis. The video clip of the incident has been posted on Youtube but I think it is inappropriate to show it here but if you are curious click here. The man who owned the gun has been arrested “I expected lots of applause after I did it and never guess someone would repeat it.”


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