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A few years back I posted about a fatberg  that was blocking the London sewers. Well, it is back and it is grosser and slimier and fatter than ever. It is so big they have brought in engineers to work out how to remove it. The 250m long 130 tonne of  fat is comprised of wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms. It may take over a month to move the mammoth monster fatberg as it has set hard. Pity the fool that has to chisel away at that.

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Wall of Fat Blocks a London Sewer

If you go down to a British sewer today, your sure for a big surprise. OMG, 4ft walls of fat they say, 4ft friggin walls of fat and that’s just the sewer under Leicester Square in London.Experts estimate there is 1,000 tonnes of the slimy, smelly crap down there thanks to people flushing more than just their urine, feces and toilet paper down the dunny. Egad, to clear the fat it will take a team of  men, armed with shovels and a strong disposition, a couple of weeks . Which ain’t bad considering it’s believed to be the largest ever sewer clean up in British history. Bags not volunteering for that one!


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