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Nursing Home Strippers

naked-manHuh?, What? Why? A Long Island nursing home is getting sued because the son of Bernice (85) discovered they had hired a stripper to entertain the ladies during a party in the rec room. The son hit the roof when he saw a photo of his mom putting some money down the male stripper’s undies.  The suit claims the striptease was done “for the perverse pleasure and enjoyment of the Defendant’s staff.” and that the Baptist living Bernice had been defiled.

Psst I’d be more pissed they were taking money off little old ladies.


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Three Killers On Long Island

OK loons, no need to panic but remember all those bodies unearthed near the beach at Long Island and authorities feared a serial killer on the loose? Yeah, well about that, they now think there might be more than just one sicko responsible…hmm,  try like three. Seems Gilgo was the dumping ground of choice for serial killers. Police have discovered distinct differences in how the 13 victims were killed and how their bodies were disposed, concluding that there must be more than one person involved. Sleep with one eye open people of Long Island!

Psst You may not be aware loons but one of our regulars, Psychowatcher, has a blog all about the Long Island Serial killer and  the other nasties of the world. It is a fantastic site and well worth a read…..please check it out Real Life Monsters. Oh and don’t forget to leave a comment.

Want sauce with that


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Serial Killer Alert

No need to panic people of New York, but you may just have a serial killer lurking about. Body number 6,7 and 8 have just been discovered on a remote beach near New York City. Police fear the murderer is selecting his victims from “personal” ads on internet sites like Craigslist (the serial killer site of choice!). All are believed to be prostitutes. The first set of fives bodies were discovered in December 2010 after police scoured the area looking for missing sex worker Shannon Gilbert. She was thought to have been in the area to meet a client but the alarm was raised after a woman, fitting her description, came to the door of a house in a gated community begging for help but fled when the occupant tried to ring police. A short time later a man drove past the house asking about the woman but then sped off. None of the bodies found have been identified as Shannon Gilbert.


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Serial Killer Alert

Everybody panic!!!!

You know what I hate? When you are looking for a missing prostitute and discover four bodies not even related to the case. I really friggin hate that! Police suspect a  serial killer has been going about his business on Long Island’s Jones Beach and then dumping each victim from a car. The  badly decomposed bodies are believed to have been killed elsewhere before being disposed of over the past 18 months. Eyebrows are being raised by New Jersey police who found 4 bodies (prostitutes) near Atlantic City in 2006 in similar circumstances. Yes loons, of course Craigslist is involved. The missing prostitute, who sparked the initial search, was meeting a client she found on Craigslist. Duh, it’s the serial killers weapon website of choice.

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Where Was The Force When You Need It?

Bravo, I will take a bouquet of flowers and a surgical mask and raise you a Darth Vader mask. The latest inventive bank robber of the US, has robbed a Chase bank in New York wearing a Darth Vader mask. Seems, however,  old Darth has ditched his light saber and gone for the semi-automatic weapon instead. May the force be with you.


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WWII Grenades Dredged up

Anyone for clam chowder?

You sometimes find the darnedest things when you go dredging off Long Island. Just ask the Massachusetts shellfish plant who got a nice little surprise when they found 126 hand grenades in its load of clams. Some of the little buggers still had pins in them (the grenades silly!). Kaboom, clam bake! The grenades were found in wooden crates dredged up  with the mud and gunk the plant workers were sifting through.  Enter the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad and exit all the workers while the WWII grenades were detonated safely.

Psst Hmm, maybe someone should be worried about what the hell else is lying at the bottom of the sea bed off Long Island?

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Don’t Mess With Florence Critelli

Damn punks!

All hail Florence Critelli who is 91  and still works as a New York pharmacy cashier on Long Island. This week however, she got more than she bargained for when some scumbag punched her as he tried to steal money from her cash register. Ms Critelli said “He hit me good.”  Despite getting punched in the chest and knocked to the ground she refused medical attention and went back to work to finish her shift. After finishing for the day she got in her car and drove home. Ms Critelli says she can’t wait for the police to nab the thief so she can “smack him” back. Don’t you worry, I am sure there will be a line of people willing to do that for you.


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Here boy, here boy

No people no, do not and I repeat do not operate on your own pets because you can’t afford the vet bills. Alan MacQuattie from Long Island decided he could remove a cyst from his dog’s leg himself. Hmm. nope fail. The poor Labrador x had to have a second surgery to fix the mess made by his owner. Despite claims he did nothing wrong, Mr MacQuatttie has been charged.


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Feral Beagles of Long Island

Who knew, but when you abandon beagles and they join a gang, they become dogs of the hood. Thanks to a few scumbag hunters, Long Island is under attack by packs of vicious beagles who have gone all Cujo on the residents . The huge communities of feral beagles, who have been  long abandoned by hunters for their failure to catch rabbits, are now left to roam the woods looking for food. Locals have been sent packing by the snarling beasts who are now roaming the streets . Animal welfare groups are also friggin freaking as they try to round up the abandon pooches and get them “de-feralized” before being  ready for adoption. Snoopy would be rolling around in his grave!

Psst If you are interested in adopting an abandoned Beagle please contact the Kent Animal Shelter. Dennis, our favorite Vizsla, was a rescued dog and look how precious he turned out thanks to his amazing owners James and Kelly.


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Don’t Move

Ah shit!

You know what I hate? When you visit your son on Long Island for Thanksgiving and you fall neck deep into a friggin cesspool.I really hate that. Eduardo Matos (71) fell into the sewage while walking outside on the lawn.  Mr Matos  said “I was calm . . . If you panic, that shit will suck you right in,”. No shit! He was eventually rescued by his son and daughter. So much for Thanksgiving!


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