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Loon The Prepper

Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday, the Loon is digging a bunker. Yes, I have decided to become a prepper.  It is all Kim Jong Un’s fault. I have no faith in his missile capabilities. That is, I suspect its good luck rather than good management that his missiles haven’t kaboomed another country yet. So I am going it alone. Move over Tiny Houses, hello Tiny Kaboom Shelter.

Being a prepper isn’t easy. So many extension cords. So little in canned food cuisine. I have been watching the film  Martian over and over again for inspiration …basically to see if I can devise a way to re-purpose the kitty litter. Maybe grow potatoes?

I have also been spending up big on all the infomercials… got myself the Rocky Mountain Tumbler, Olde Brooklyn lantern, Eurobed, Air Dragon Pump and VIP Poo spray.

I’m pretty much all set for nuclear annihilation.



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The Night Before Christmas

Just a little note to wish everyone a safe and wonderful Christmas. Please take time to make someone laugh or even just smile over the festive season.

PSST For those who don’t celebrate Christmas have a enchanting holiday season.

christmas biscuits



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Five Star Camping

The loon is back from the forest. Nothing like having a 5 course meal under the stars amongst the tall timbers. Yes, who said you can’t have a dinner party while camping…. This was all downed with champagne, Margaret River  wine and Dwellingup Raspberry dessert wine. Glamping loons. glamping. All was cooked on Weber Qs.


Prawn cocktails



Garlic and chili pork belly



Beef Dwellingup



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I Hate My Life

You can understand, right ? Hello, it’s work!!!!!



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The Loon Is On The Move Again

For the next few days the Loon will reporting from sunny rainy Queensland.

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Loon Is In The Lounge

Ok for 18 hours I will be in the air. Sydney-LA- NYC . So behave loons while I am flapping around. Currently lounging in the Qantas lounge ….



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Start Spreading The News

bald eagle 2The Loon will be reporting from New York and Baltimore next week. I know, my life’s a bitch!


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Loon Meets The Fat Duck

The Loon has been hanging down  at Margaret River for a few days and hobnobbing with Heston.  You know Fat Duck/ Loon, we have so much in common…oh except for the fact I can’t cook.



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Small Break In Transmission

Just letting you know the Loon will be reporting from Sydney this week.


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Attention Loons

Just a small break in transmission to let you know I will be reporting from Tasmania  next week. Yes, I know, twice in a year. Hopefully the Apple Isle will have installed broadband by now so I won’t have to climb a tree.


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