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Dumbass Bro

Wloser2hen  a New Zealand customer decided to knick a tip jar after purchasing a meal  at a local fast food joint he scored a grand total of $6.77. Unfortunately in his haste he left his $9.92 meal behind. Loser.


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And The Loser Is ……

loser2Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Some poor guy has missed out on $35 million because his lottery ticket was printed 7 seconds after the closing time. The prob was he bought the tickets right on closing time, the first one he bought was valid but by the time the second ticket was printed it was too late for the draw . He took the lottery regulator to court, suing for half the winnings because someone else won. The court said NO. Loser.


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Calling Mr Miyagi

Holy Karate Kid 4 Batman. A 16 year old taekwondo black belt wasn’t too happy about losing  a martial arts tournament so after shaking hands with the winner he kicked him in the face, knocking out a few teeth. That could be a life ban right there. Wipe on, wipe off!


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Ding Dong Druggie Calling

You know times are tough when people start selling weed and crack door to door. Unfortunately for Eric Godbolt he knocked on the home of an off duty officer making his home business short lived .

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Why Bother?

And the loser of the week goes to the Wisconsin robber who leaped over the counter of a gas station, snatched money from the register and made off with less than a buck. Way to go. In his rush he left his “Dub” baseball cap behind. Hmm, a replacement will cost more than a dollar!

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Terrorists Can Be Such Bad Sports

OK here’s the thing convicted terrorist, chucking a  hissy fit because you lost an egg and spoon race during a prison sports day probably  ain’t gonna help your chances of getting those 72 virgins. Manfo Kwaku Asiedu, the failed London suicide bomber,  cracked the sads when he got beaten by Rangzieb Ahmed in the Wakefield prison egg and spoon race .  So angry was Asiedu, he  proceeded to kick the friggin egg around the yard before stomping on it in disgust.


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Addition Fail

Seems someone attended the dumbass school of counting…


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Dumbassed Amphibian

You know, they are forever making out nature is so cool and in sync. Have I got news for them, even nature has epic fails!

Introducing loser frog

and loser frog the sequel

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Your Kid’s a Loser

OK, here’s the thing North Carolina teacher, writing “-20% for being a loser” on a 6th grade girl’s assignment is going to get you in a lotta trouble, trust me. Rex Roland, from Enka Middle School, opened up a whole can of whoopass for himself after writing “loser” on the student’s paper not just once but several times during the year. Despite some parents saying it is simply his way of teaching, the mom of the little girl say it’s bullying. Mr Roland said he was joking.


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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job

You know you’re a loser when you hold up 11 people at gunpoint and get a grand total of $6.The woman who was armed with a semi automatic pistol entered the La Chicanita Market in California and confronted customers and demanded money. She was last seen fleeing in  a really crappy old car.


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