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Outrageous Fortune

Hands up US loons, who has bought a $640 million lottery ticket? Seriously, that is an outrageous amount of money. I hear the White House has bought hundreds thousands of tickets.


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Winners and Losers

You know what I hate? When a local Colorado newspaper misprints the winning lottery numbers and you think you have won $4.3 million. I really friggin hate that. Jim and Dorothy Sprague partied like it was 1999 when they saw the results but then they found out the paper made a boo-boo and well it was back to 2011.


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I Hope You Don’t Wear It Around Your Neck!

Oh for crying out louk,  a man from Laos killed his pregnant wife with an axe because he wanted to use the fetus to make a “louk lord” (lucky charm) so he could win lotto. Hmm, so far it hasn’t working for him! The man allegedly lured the unsuspecting wife into a forest, killed her and then removed the three month old fetus. He told police, when he was arrested the following day, that he heard if he created a “louk lord” he could ask the ghosts for the winning lottery numbers. So far the fetus has not been found.


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The Definition of Loser

OMG, shredding your lottery ticket only to discover it was the friggin winning one…. worth $14.5 million…… PRICELESS. Chris Gooden from Fort Walton Beach used numbers from the back of a fortune cookie to make up the winning combination, however when he raced off to find the ticket he realized he had accidentally shredded it. Gooden found what little remained of the ticket in the teeth of the shredder. He is hoping his attorney can help him prove he had the winning ticket. Good luck with that!

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King of Chavs

Winning £9.7million in the lottery, priceless. Losing it all in an 8 year spending spree, even more friggin priceless. Michael Carroll (26) is keen to get back to work as a binman (garbage collector) after squandering his multi million dollar fortune on gambling, drugs and prostitutes.Known as the “King of Chavs”, Carroll says ‘I’m just glad it’s over. There were also vultures everywhere after my cash. I started to see what people were really like,’.Carroll now lives off £42 a week in jobseeker’s allowance after declaring himself bankrupt.


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Lucky For Some

You've got to be friggin kidding me!

Well I’ll be, a British bus driver from Lancashire must be the luckiest man in England, while his ex must be the damned unluckiest. After receiving confirmation of his divorce through the post Kevin Halstead had a drink with his mates and bought himself a lottery ticket in celebration. Of course we all know what happens next, he friggin won £2,302,668. Had he bought it prior to the divorce papers coming through he could have been forced to pay his ex half.Oh but before you go making fun of his ex, she said on hearing the news “It couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke. I wish him all the luck in the world – he deserves it.” Hmm, that’s what I would be saying too…suck, suck, suck.


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