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Woman Claims She Raised A Bigfoot

Well alrighty then. A 70 year old lady from Louisiana claims she raised an abandoned bigfoot in 1964. The beast, which had a hairless face that “did not look like a human’s nor a monkey’s.” was found alone in a swamp . The woman took it home and fed it. When it was healthy she released him but he continued to visit her. She claims that one night when the bigfoot returned he bought a bigfoot friend with him. I think someone’s been sniffing the moonshine. Anywho,  the whole story is here .


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H20 Zombie

Fatal brain-eating amoeba in Louisiana waterStep away from your taps good people of Louisiana,  there is a fatal brain-eating amoeba in them there water. The nasty amoeba that lies in wait in water can worm its way into your brain and slowly eat it. Authorities believe low chlorine levels in the Louisiana water is to blame. Hmm and now for the health risks of having too much chlorine …..


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PJs Becoming A Menace To Society

OMG, a city in Louisiana is planning to ban …wait for it… people wearing pjs in public! Shreveport commissioner has had enough of people, especially men, walking around in pj pants, with their privates hanging out and all. One local resident , Khiry Tisdem said he had no probs walking around in his “Family Guy” Stewie pajama pants. Oh and just in case you were wondering , yes they have the “no sagging” (pants on the ground) law which has already netted them 31 violations.


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More Bye-Bye Blackbirds

Umm, I don’t want to rock your stress meter any more than I have to but another 500 blackbirds have plummeted from the sky, this time in Louisiana on a 500m stretch of highway.This comes days after the town of Beebe in Arkansas was littered with thousands of dead blackbirds.


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Honey Have You Seen My Bath Salts?

This fly spray is good shit!

Attention all drug users in Louisiana, the rumor you heard that bath salts, fertilizer or insect repellent can be sniffed to give you a high like cocaine or speed is a friggin lie, you will end up either in an emergency room or lining up outside the pearly gates. Seems some of these products contain methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) which is way more potent than Ritalin or cocaine. The only problem is the side effects are evil, not only will you be up for days but the hallucinations will make you more paranoid than Kim Jong Il’s fashion adviser. Hmm, sounds more like the drug is good for thinning out the herd.


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WTF Is That?

If you go into the Louisiana woods today you’re sure of a big friggin surprise. A deer hunter got the freak scared out of him when he stumbled across this thing in the dark. Despite the hunter saying it is definitely not a hoax, he’s getting a dissing from commenters on the Wildgame Innovations website he posted the vid on.



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Prisoners To Help Oil Stricken Wildlife

When the going gets tough, the  tough get going. Eighty inmates of a Louisiana prison have gathered in a New Orleans auditorium to learn how to clean birds and wildlife caught up in the oil slick disaster. Their role will be to assist wildlife volunteers and specialists in what is feared will be one of the  world’s worst environmental disasters. Bravo.

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Mad Max On A Push Bike

WTF, where's my friggin arm?

OMG people, you might want to avoid walking the streets of Alexandria in Louisiana at night. Police pulled over middle aged man on a bicycle because his headlight wasn’t working and low and behold, guess what they found? A friggin butcher knife attached to a pool cue, a razor blade in his hat, a metal push rod for smoking crack and painkillers in someone else’s name. I am sure he’ll have a logically explanation, when he sobers up to front the judge. Maybe he was out slaying dragons? Oh yeah he also had five outstanding warrants.

Psst Geez, you could lose a leg or an arm if he chose to swing it as he rode ! Imagine explaining that to he police…one minute I was walking the next I was hopping!


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If She Only Used Her Skill For The Good of Mankind



Here is a party trick from hell. A woman in Louisiana has been arrested after she was caught stealing a 12 pack of beer by hiding it between her legs! Lisa Newsome was seen on a security camera shoving the Miller Lite and a couple of sodas up her dress in a grocery store before attempting to waddle out with it. Ah bless, Ms Newsome is well known to police with over 40 arrests under her dress belt.

Psst Hmm, you might want to think twice before accepting a drink from her!


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There Was a WHAT On My Shoulders?

Blahaha, what a dumbass!

Blahaha, what a dumbass!

If you are in possession of drug paraphernalia I wouldn’t suggest you ride a bicycle with a metre long alligator hanging around your shoulders. Hmm nope, that will just attract unwanted attention. When police pulled up along side Terron Ingram in Louisiana he did what any jail fearing fool would do. He ditched the bike and the alligator and made a run for it.So now he can add cruelty to animals by abandonment, to his resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia rap sheet!


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