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You Did What?

Oh, he won't mind!

Oh for crying out loud,  Phillip Seaton went to the Jewish Hospital in Louisville to have a routine circumcision and the doctor friggin amputated the whole thing. What? Hmm yep, seems the urologist found a cancerous growth on the penis so decided to remove the entire organ to stop the cancer spreading without Mr Seaton’s permission. To make matters worse the cancer was a stage one and was treatable. Yep, that’s a lawsuit right there.

Want sauce with that?


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Toddler Tattoo

Too bad her name doesn't start with A!

Oh for crying out loud, who the hell tattoos a one year old’s rear end? Hmm, seems Lee Deitrick does. Yes, Deitrick from Louisville, who isn’t the girl’s daddy, has been accused of  tattooing the letter “A” on her butt while she  was visiting his house. Despite Deitrick’s granny saying the tatt was just a “a wee-little hairline” if convicted he could face 5 years in the big house. Well, it could have been worse, he could have put the whole word !

Psst I hope he did a neat job!


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What the Bok!

PETA are now expanding their hoizons into public art. Yes, the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals have put in an application to the City of Louiville to have their 5 a half foot fiberglass chicken statue temporary erected on the corner of Fourth and Market streets. The chicken in question is on crutches, covered in blood and has a bandage on it’s  beak and belly. Oh and I forgot the best bit, on the base it reads “KFC Cripples Chickens.”. Oh that will be because Louisville  is home and headquarters to KFC. Seems PETA have a peeve with KFC allowing chickens to have their throats cut open while fully conscious and then being scalded alive. Hmm, sounds like the feathers will be flying if this gets approved!


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