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I’ll Be There

Whoops, I forgot about Westboro for a tiny tick. Hmm, that was silly. I should have know they have boarded their bus of hate and are heading to LA. Dah, biggest funeral ever. Yes, the Westboro Baptist Church “Love Crusades” have decided Michael Jackson’s funeral is  good a place as any to spread their hate. Here is a little taste of what they have said on their website..bless

Michael Wacko Jacko Jackson is in hell! 1111 S. Figueroa St WBC will be there to remind you to stop worshiping the dead. We will be there to tell you to Thank God for the death of this filthy, adulterous, idolatrous, gender-confused, nationality-confused, unthankful brute beast. We will be there to remind you that God Killed Wacko Jacko. There is a God, and a Day of Judgment. For you to wallow and murmur against God for his righteous Judgments is sin and will cause YOU to join Michael in hell…..

Psst Geez how did they get tickets?


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