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Fatal Attraction

NOYou know, it is bad enough when a jealous wife knocks out her hubby’s lover and cuts off her breasts, worse when she discovers the woman never had an affair with him. Whoopsie. Seems hubby had a crush on the now breast less woman but she had turned him down. Doctors were unable to reattach the breasts.

Psst China


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Move Over Friztl, We Have a New Dungeon Master

Brazilian man Joao Batista Groppo had allegedly been keeping his wife, Sebastiana, locked up in a cellar for 16 years. She was discovered lying starkers in a corner of the cellar with just a blanket after police received a tip-off. Hmm, 16 years and they finally get a tip-off? The room was evidently covered in feces and crawling with roaches. Groppo, who had been married to Sebastiana for 40 years, told police she was mentally ill. Alrighty then, so that would explain the girlfriend (Maria Aparecida Furquim) he had living upstairs. Both Groppo and Furquim have been charged with illegal imprisonment.

Psst So for 16 years who did the dishes?


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Taking It Into His Own Hands

A word of warning to any middle aged man wanting to date Helmut Seifert’s 17 year old daughter, don’t even think about it. The last fool who attempted it lost his balls (literally). Helmut, was so pissed when he discovered his teenage daughter was sleeping with Phillip Genscher (57) and the German authorities would do nothing about it, he and two work mates toddled off to pay him a visit. Genscher was forced to take off his pants and then the men proceeded to castrate him with a bread knife (that’s gotta hurt). Hmm, and so ends  that sorry little tale. When Helmut was arrested he said “I saw it as my duty as a father.” Papa 1,eunuch 0.


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While The Cat’s Away

No way I'm friggin coming out now!

Awkward. Sometimes being trapped in a Chilean mine is a better option than facing your wife and mistress. Seems one of the trapped Chilean miners, Yonni Barrioshas, has a little issue unraveling about 700m above him. His wife Marta Salinas, and his lover, Susana Valenzuela, have bumped into each other during a vigil for him outside the mine. Marta says her hubby loves her but the mistress has told her he was planning to leave her. Lucky for Yonni Barrios he’s got 4 months saving grace before having to face them both. Good luck with that!

Psst On a lighter note authorities have banned the miners from having cigs and booze. Must be fun down there now!


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I’m Guessing The Wedding Is Off

You know what I hate? When you report your fiance missing and she is found well and truly alive in a Texas hotel room with her lover. I really friggin hate that. Oh well look on the bright side Chad McGuire, police say Tiffiny Bray will be getting a nice bill for her troubles.


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