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LulSec Founder Arrested

Oh my, I sure hope the British ploice  know what they are doing. They are claiming they have arrested one of the founders of LulzSec and Anonymous, who goes by the online nickname of Topiary. The internet hacking group have been responsible for the hacking of the CIA, Sony, The Sun newspaper and the US senate websites. The 19 year old was arrested on the Shetland Islands during a  “pre-planned intelligence-led operation” raid. LOL!

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The Sun Goes Down

Thought those pesky hackers had vanished didn’t you? Well, you were wrong, LulSec are back and they have just taked down The Sun’s online news website. Murdoch just can’t take a trick! The internet pranksters placed a hoax story on the site announcing Murdoch had been foun dead in his garden of an overdose. Once the story was removed they went hacking again and redirected the traffic to it’s Twitter page. LOL! So much for them calling it quits.

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