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How To Catch A Somali Pirate

Somali pirate chief arrested in BrusselsWant to know the easiest way to catch a notorious Somali pirate chief ? Well, you pretend you’re a Belgium film crew wanting to do a doco on his life and organise him and his accomplice to fly into Brussels to sign the movie contract.  Mohamed Abdi Hassan, AKA  “Big Mouth” and partner in crime Mohamed Aden “Tiiceey” are now sitting in a cell in Belgium facing kidnapping, piracy and organised crime charges after being lured out of Nairobi by a movie deal . In 2009 the pair allegedly hijacked a Belgian ship, the Pompei, and held it for 70 days. Big Mouth is believed to be one of the head honchos in the Somali piracy business.


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Lovin It

Show us ya golden arches!!!

How do you get a naked man down from a radio tower in Los Angeles? Lure him with two Big Macs. Police spent hours negotiating with the naked 45 year old before he requested two hamburgers from McDonalds. After finishing his meal he agreed to come down. Great! Now every hungry bastard in LA will be scaling towers naked!

Psst Hmm, I’d come down for a ice coffee granita, but not one from Maccas!!!


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Self Preservation

OK, I don’t want to scare the friggin daylights out of you but experts think a pod of seals lured the shark to the surfer who was killed yesterday at Gracetown. WTF? The shrewd little seals used Nicholas Edwards as bait to avoid becoming the main course.


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