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How Much Before You Are Officially Bankrupt?

If you haven’t got anything to worry about today here’s something that might do the trick. American analysts think the US government is lying hiding the truth about how much debt the country is in. The official sum given by the Congressional Budget Office says $US13.4 trillion but the real figure could well be $US200 trillion. How’s them apples. Might want to start learning Mandarin people.

Psst Does this mean Oprah won’t be coming to Australia?


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UK Beauty Queen A Liar

OMG, not only did Miss Cornwall lie about her age, she doesn’t even friggin live there, she’s actually from Devon. There’s a stripping of your crown right there. When pageant organiser, Becky Chapman, accidentally came across Laura Anness’s past pageant application forms while cleaning her office, she discovered Miss Anness had written her age as 22 for the last 5 years (age limit is 17-24). Oh boy, it got even more embarrassing when Becky decided to confront her face to face and realized she didn’t even live in Cornwall ( a friggin prerequisite) . Awkward.

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Well, Isn’t This Interesting?

Would I lie to you?

Remember the Indian man in Melbourne, Jaspreet Singh, who said he was set alight by racist Australians last month? Hmm, well guess what?  It is being alleged by police the man in question was injured trying to torch his car for an insurance claim and not by some racist Aussie. Oh boy, Mr Singh, who is in Australia on his wife’s student visa, told police last month he was doused in petrol and set alight while parking his car. All hell broke loose in India over the incident. Well, the arson squad told the hearing that from studying the damage to the car, Mr Singh’s clothes and his injuries it was obvious little was consistent with his story. Their conclusion was Mr Singh more than likely received his burns (to 15% of his body) when failing to safely torch his 2003 Ford Futura. Oh and before anyone cries foul, police have security footage of Mr Singh buying a 15 litre plastic container and 1596 litres of petrol on the day before the attack and evidence he was in financial trouble. Of course he is denying the claims.

Psst The story was brought to you by I Don’t Do Mornings …Cazzie and the letters W,T and F!


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