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The Worst Fast Food Story You Are Going To Hear All Day

That's no Happy Meal!

Ewh, ewh, ewh, a 2 year old girl at a Geraldton Maccas  in Western Australia allegedly walked in from the playground chewing on a used condom. Her horrified father grabbed the child and washed her hands and mouth with soap (dear god, not in those toilets and not with their soap, she might catch som….ah never mind!!!). Evidently when he expressed his disgust to a junior manager he was told it was the second condom found in the playground that day. Sheez, it’s enough to put you off your fries. And why was a 2 year old left unsupervised in the playground again?

Want sauce with that? Hmm, I didn’t think so!


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High Brow Maccas

Oh well, fun while it lasted!

Oh well, fun while it lasted!

Simply bril. You will soon be about to order your Royale with cheese in the Louvre. All hail the golden arches for managing this little coup! You can already feel the chemicals kick in with the cultural elite….aneurysm alert!!!! Here are what a few had to say  “This is the pinnacle of exhausting consumerism, deficient gastronomy and very unpleasant odours in the context of a museum,”, “Today McDonald’s, tomorrow low-cost clothes shops,” and “Henri Loyrette, president of the Louvre museum just had to say one word to stop the whiff of French fries from wafting past the Mona Lisa’s nose. He chose otherwise.” Hmm, nothing like sticky fingers on the Monets! Hmm, I expect this will not be the last we here about it! Geez, Dan Brown will be spitting fries that it didn’t happen sooner so he could build a cryptic golden arch into his best seller!

Psst Wanna know where you can super size it? Sure you do. The Louve Maccas and McCafe will be located in the underground approach, known as the Carrousel du Louvre. Lovin it!

2nd Psst OMG a friggin McCafe too, the French are really gonna hate that!


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Well If They Just Improved Their Service!

Man rings 911 to complain about McDonaldsOK one more time people, 911 isn’t a a fast food bitch line. Jeremy Lloyd Martin was absolutely furious when he forked out 10 bucks at a McDonald’s Drive thru and only got a burger and one single fry, that’s right, one single fry for his troubles (well, super size me!). Damn straight he should have got on the blower to 911 to complain. Those dispatchers however are damn fussy and Martin didn’t feel no love. In fact he was told it wasn’t a police matter and to go away. Well, not happy with that, Martin rang 911 back, again and again. In the meantime the Maccas store rang 911 too, complaining about Martin. Hmm, well the dispatcher listened to them! Enter police and bye-bye Martin who spent the night Macless in jail.

Psst Well it seems to me there should be a fast food bitch line because 911 ain’t no help at all!


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