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Has the Mystery of MH370 Finally Been Solved?

sherlock 2Oh for the love of Agatha Christie have they really found debris from the missing Malaysian airlines plane? Yes, a piece of plane washed up at La Reunion island, off the coast of Madagascar and all fingers are pointing to it being part of the missing MH370. The conspiracy part of me thinks it could have been conveniently planted (as it was predicted wreckage would wash up there) but the non cynical side hopes it is, so it can bring closure to all the families. Want sauce with that?


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Flee The Fleas

hairMight want to cancel all holidays to Madagascar . Seems they have got a bad case of BP … bubonic plague. At least 20 people from a village have died in the past week and the Red Cross are doing their best not to say “I told you so”  after giving out warnings in October. Seems the local prisons are breeding grounds for rodents and their piggy backing fleas. Yikes!


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Multi Tasking Smuggler

Where the hell are we?

Oh, for the love of god, who the hell would attempt to smuggle 300 tortoises into Kuala Lumpur International airport. Sheez don’t they have the death penalty for that?  But Loons, all the tortoises were endangered and once living in Madagascar. Oh but wait, there is more, customs officials also discovered about 2kg of cannabis in his luggage. Oh yeah, a multi tasking smuggler! Evidently the man high tailed it out of the airport after seeing customs officials screening his luggage. Hmm, 300 tortoises? That would be one hell of mess in that suitcase!!!!


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Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye!

WTF is that? If you happen to be wandering through Madagascar and come across this little creature be kind, it’s endangered. Reason? Hello, it looks friggin freaky and scares the shit out of locals who kill them on sight. They believe the creature known as a aye-aye creeps around at night looking for an unsuspecting sleeping human to pierce their heart with it’s long middle finger.Truth be known the little guy is more interested in feasting on insect larvae than impaling hearts. Hmm yeah try telling that to someone stumbling across it in the dark. Boo!

Psst If the friggin thing points that middle finger at you, it’s pretty much a death curse!


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