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Collar Bomb Mystery Linked To Brother’s School

Remember last week a Sydney girl, Madeleine Pulver, had a collar bomb chained to her neck in a horrifying extortion plot? Yeah, well about that. Seems the ransom note found with the hoax bomb had an obscure reference to an old James Clavell novel entitled Tai-Pan. Hmm, seems her brother’s school (Shore) has it on their recommended reading list. I’m just saying!

Want sauce with that?


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Collar Bomb Teen Saved

OMG, you’re a year 12 student, you walk into your home only to be confronted by a balaclava wearing stranger who attacks you and places a friggin collar bomb around your neck…. America you say? Nope, friggin Australia.The girl believed to be Madeleine Pulver from a wealthy Sydney neighborhood spent a grueling 11 hours with the bomb strapped around her neck while police and the bomb squad tried to work out a way to extract her from the contraption. They even sought the help of the British military as no such device had ever been seen in Australia before. Police are baffled by the whole incident but believe it may have been an extortion attempt as a note was also found at the scene. Fortunately for the 18 year old the bomb squad were finally able to remove the device before it went kaboom.

Psst I remember a few years back watching the live Fox News telecast of the pizza delivery guy with the bomb strapped to his neck and that didn’t end so well.

2nd psst A big shout out to the NSW police for how they handled the situation.


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