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Genitals Conduct Lightning

I can’t feel my balls!

The “unluckiest man” award this week goes to the Spanish dude who got struck in the scrotum by lightning. I kid you not, he was walking down the street in Madrid minding his own beeswax when kaboom, the bolt went through his pants, zapping his balls before traveling down his legs and through to the footpath. Hmm, evidently his brain wasn’t affected by the lightning, which is surprising,  considering most men think with their….ah never mind. The guys OK, though he may be walking bow legged for awhile.

Psst This story was brought to you by Fairy Face and the letters WTF


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Nun In For A Shock

Damn, you win dad!

Imagine spending 84 years inside the walls of a convent without ever leaving? Well, 103 year old nun, Sister Teresita, has. Yep, the last time she left the convent, which is located 60 miles from Madrid,  was during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 and then only in brief intervals of a few hours during fighting. But, drum roll please,  the spritely soul will soon leave the nunnery one more time to meet Pope Benedict XVI during World Youth Day (hmm, she kinda missed that boat!). Anywho, I hope she doesn’t forget to pack the sun cream!


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Seve Ballesteros Dead at 54

Sad news for golf fans, golfing legend Seve Ballesteros has died. It had earlier been announced by family that Seve’s health had rapidly deteriorated and he had been given last rites. Ballesteros had been diagnosed with a brain tumor following his collapsed at Madrid Airport in 2008. Despite a series of operations, chemo and radiation to kept the tumor at bay  his health took a turn for the worse recently. Seve Ballesteros won the Open three times, the Masters twice. Brave fight. RIP Seve.


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Well Someone Forgot To Check The Bananas

Spanish police suspect the drug dealers, who accidentally let 175lb of cocaine get sent  to grocery stores around Madrid, will be really pissed. The drugs were hidden in boxes of bananas shipped from Ecuador and Ivory Coast. Hmm, well someone is in deep doo dah.

Psst Does anyone care that 2,000lb of bananas had to be destroyed  because some idiot couldn’t do his drug smuggling job properly?


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There Was Something In The Air That Night!

Madrid, fine and cloudy with a chance of cocaine!

Madrid, fine and cloudy with a chance of cocaine!

OK, if you are going to test the air of Spanish cities I suggest you avoid testing near universities and areas frequented by drug dealers.  Latest results by Spanish scientists reveal that the air around Barcelona and Madrid contain traces of 5 different drugs including cocaine and LSD. Cocaine being the most prominent! No people, going there is not going to get you high but coming back through customs might give you grief!


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