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Hair Weave Hell

Maggots in hair weaveLadies you may want to give your newly purchased hair weave a once over before purchasing it. A woman in Kenya got cracking headaches after having a human hair weave fitted. What she didn’t know was that the hair was off the head of a dead person and the pain she was suffering was coming from maggots that had burrowed into her head… maggots from the corpse. Seems the maggot eggs which were in the hair hatched from the warmth of her head and well they began burrowing.


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Lovin It

OMG, a Melbourne man claims he got a nasty surprise when he checked to see if he had extra pickles in his Big Mac and discovered the meat patty was crawling with maggots. Yes people, maggots. Leigh Savage purchased the burger from the Frankston McDonalds store  and when he discovered his surprise extras, he took it to police who said there was nothing they could do. He then took it back to the store where he alleges the staff laughed at him. McDonalds have launched an investigation.

Psst Hmm, a quick search of the net reveals Mr Savage isn’t the first person to find a maggot in their Big Mac.


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Maggots On A Plane

Ewh, ewh, ewh, you know what I hate? When you are on a US Airways flight and friggin maggots begin falling out of an overhead luggage bin, I really hate that! The plane which was already taxiing down the runway at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport had to do a quick friggin uee and return to the gate after maggots began falling onto unsuspecting passengers and crawling all over the seats. The reason for the maggots? Some fool had brought spoiled meat onto the flight in their bag. What the hell for? Sheez, where was Samuel L Jackson when you need him?


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Maggot Market

It was pandemonium at Preston’s indoor market when a mass of maggots did a runner from a faulty fridge at BagUpBaits on the upper floor. The evil little shits managed to escape into the main market hall and into other stalls. Some were even free-falling onto stalls selling meat, fish and fresh food. Brilliant. Hmm, despite assurance that all the offending maggots had been rounded up I’m guessing a few are still AWOL.


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We Don’t Do Maggots!

Binmen refuse to pick  rubbish because it had a maggotTake note all lazy assed garbos, evidently a maggot is classified as livestock in the UK, who knew! That’s right a Nanny State council binman refused to empty a recycling box because it contained a maggot.Hmm so precious about one’s job. When John Harlow questioned the council he was told it was against the rules for their contractors to handle “live animals”. So much for the £2,500 rates I guess. Mr Harlow said he wasn’t surprised that there was a creepy crawlie in his bin because they only collect it fortnightly.


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