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Jadugar Mandrake Disappearing Act

OK loons, one more time. If you proclaim to be able to get out of a cage after being lowered into a river, you better have a foolproof escape plan. An Indian magician is missing after having been lowered in the Ganges (that alone could kill him) and failed resurfaced. Jadugar Mandrake was tied up with rope and chains inside a cage that was lowered (by a crane) into the murky waters of India’s most infamous river. Family, friends, media and spectators waited in anticipation of seeing the magician emerge but alas after minutes ticked by panic set in. Authorities have yet to find the cage or the magician following an extensive search.

Jadugar Mandrake attempted a similar stunt a few years back but it failed dismally after onlookers could clearly see a fake door in the cage. He was mocked and attacked by angry onlookers.

If by some miracle he is found alive, I think he should seriously consider a different occupation.

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Half a Magician

Move over clowns were have a scarier act …


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And For My Next Trick

I have no sympathy

I have no sympathy

So you’re a magician. Well sure sometimes you’re going to use your sleight of hand skills to steal money while working on the cheese counter at Harrods. Duh! The cash strapped entertainer was busted by staff who noticed him nicking money with one hand and then hiding it in the other….. which would explain why he was broke, he sucked at being a magician.

Want sauce with that?


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Magicians Tricks Vanish

A Magician has been left absolutely amazed after his bag of tricks vanished into thin air. They were in the trunk of his car one minute and …poof… gone the next. He thinks thieves may behind the vanishing act.

Psst Lucky the robbers didn’t pull a rabbit out of his trunk!!!


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