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To Sir With Love

Don't call me mate, dumbass!

Oh for crying out loud, there is a call in Australia for magistrates to take anger management classes after a man was jailed for calling a chief magistrate “mate”, not once but twice. When Thomas Collins called Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin “mate” during a hearing he was told in no uncertain terms to refer to him as “sir” or “your honour”. His response was “okay mate” which got him a stint in the cells. Collins later returned to apologize. Sheez, if only the magistrates were that tough on friggin sentencing criminals.


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Vicious Cycle

Whatever happened to foster care?

Welcome to the world of WTF! An Australian court has decided to award custody of a five year old child to her  heroin addict, sex offender father because her mother is even more of a friggin nightmare than him! The child, who already has behavioral problems and a speech impediment, no doubt stemming from being burned on the butt, attacked by a dog and beaten with a shoe, will now live with dad and his knife/sword collection ( though the court has asked him to remove it). In handing down the decision the magistrate said “The father provides calmer parenting with more clearly set boundaries than the mother does,” Hmm and luckily for the girl, her dad is on a disability pension and hasn’t worked for ten years due to depression so he will have heaps of time to give her all the love and care she needs. The mum, you say? Well let’s put it this way, soon after giving birth to her baby she left the labour ward to buy heroin. Child protection campaigners are mortified, horrified and seriously pissed at the courts decision while the Department of Human Services say they are no longer dealing with the case.


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Racist Couple Denied Adoption In Italy

Nope, sorry, too dark!

OK, here’s the thing wannabe adoptive Italian parents, when you are filling out that application form I suggest never saying you don’t want no “dark skinned” children or the child protection agency might take you to court. Oh boy and then the magistrate will call you friggin racist and say you are unfit to adopt a child of any description ever! Sheez, I bet the couple rued the day they ever thought of adopting!

Psst Not to worry, Angelina will take them!


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