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Andrej Pejic is a Guy?

You know the world is in a sad state of affairs when an Aussie guy from Broadmeadows is voted 98th most beautiful woman in the world by FHM UK magazine. Sheez ladies, pick up your game. Andrej Pejic (a transgender model) beat out Lady Gaga for the spot but couldn’t get past Bar Refaeli or Chelsy Davy. Want to know who’s number one ? Rosie  Huntington-Whiteley (nope, no idea who she is!). Hmm, I don’t know who made up this list but you gotta have a red hot poker in your eye to list  Kristen Stewart  at number 13.

Want the full list? Click it!


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I’m Not Flying With Her!

OK, she's a woman, but the co-pilot is a male!

Who knew air passengers in Mumbai are so fussy and sexist? A plane was delayed at the Delhi airport for one and a half hours due to slight fog and  a “mentally unsound” passenger. Seems, when a middle-aged man discovered the pilot was a female he wanted to get the hell off. A passenger sitting next to him said he began muttering “She can’t take care of the house, how will she take care of a plane? It took 40 minutes for the ground staff  to convince the man to stay on the flight.

Psst If I was the pilot I would make it one bad-assed hell ride!


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That Changes Everything

A would-be rapist got the shock of his life when he ripped off the clothes of his victim only to discover the she was a he! Awkward. The teen, who was walking down the street minding his own business, caught the eye of a “fat Hispanic man” on a bicycle wearing a gray hoodie and sweatpants. At some stage the man grabbed the boy and dragged him into the woods. After having ripped his shirt and taken off his pants the would-be rapist realized the victim was a male. The assault then went from sexual to violent with the boy being repeatedly kicked. The attacker fled after the boy’s cell phone began ringing.


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