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Man Arrested Over Collar Bomb

Remember the Maddie Pulver “collar bomb” case in Sydney a few weeks back? Yeah, well, they have arrested a 50 year old man in Kentucky over it. NSW police have been working closely with the FBI to make the arrest. The man is believed to be an Australian bussinessman who commutes from Australia to the US. They have yet to release too many details but it appears to be an extortion plot and there is a link between the man and the Pulver family. Well that’s kind of embarrassing, dumbass didn’t even have a chance to list his demands.


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No Clowning Around In Tampa

Friggin Bozo!

What the hell has Tampa got against clowns? A man has been arrested after he was spotted walking down the street wearing a clown mask and bright wig. The man who was with two other non clowns was taken into custody by a deputy and charged with “wearing a mask or hood” on a public road. Little Red Riding Hood, you better watch your back!


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