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Dog Poop Dispute Turns Deadly

OK, one more time people, you do not shoot your neighbor dead after he complains about your dogs shitting all over the neighborhood. I’m just saying.

Want sauce with that?


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Dagnabbit, Now I Have To Reload!

Steady, aim, fire…oh crap, are you OK? An 85 year man is recovering after being accidentally shot in the face by a woman as she tried to shoot a possum in a chook pen. Don’t worry loons, she shot the possum before ringing police!


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Quick, Call The Irony Police!

You know what I hate? When you go to a violence prevention BBQ in Canada and get hit with a friggin stray bullet. Sheez, I friggin hate that! The man was in the park with a group of people when they got caught in the crossfire of a shootout. He took a bullet in the back as he tried shielding a child. I’d be calling that barbecue pretty much  a fail!

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