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Thanks For Nothing D.B. Cooper

Well thanks to you Mr D.B. Cooper, Mandi Hamlin had to remove her nipple ring and nipple bolt before being allowed to board an airplane. Yes, that’s right, it is all D.B. Cooper’s fault. Why ? Because he was the smart ass who decided to hijack a plane, grab some loot and jump out the rear door, without getting caught. Blame him. He is the real reason we have metal detectors, greater security and no parachutes on commercial flights (well, that bit I made up). Yes, no one wanted a repeat of his actions. Imagine the ramifications of poor Miss Hamlin using her nipple ring to hijack a Boeing. Forget box cutters, forget real cutlery in first class, forget disgruntled airport staff, forget water bottle bombs, the real issue is the embarrassment that airlines and security would have to face if a commercial airline was hijacked by a nipple pierced passenger. Oh, what a press conference that would be !

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