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What to Do?

Australia just had the Commonwealth Games, kind of like beginners Olympics without most of the high ranking countries. I like to call it an Interschool carnival. Anywho, during the marathon, a Welsh runner, who had been leading for most of the event, collapsed from heat exhaustion. You would think with 2km to go and looking completely done someone, anyone, would help him. Apparently no. Seems you can’t touch an athlete during the race or they are instantly disqualified. Hmm, seriously, I don’t think he was going anywhere. It’s ironic because if someone did help him it would be all about the idiot who helped him and he got disqualified.


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Back To The Drawing Board

Oh for the love of common sense. Forget steroids to win Kenya’s Nairobi International Marathon, why not just emerge from a crowd about a km from the finishing line and then sprint passed the exhausted competitors. Ta-da $7,000 in your pocket. Everything went according to plan for Njogu, except for the fact he wasn’t sweating and had no signs of fatigue, despite having supposedly just run 42km. Officials raised their eyebrows, had a little chat and then disqualified the friggin cheat…. oh and arrested him.


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Hero Alert

It may have taken 16 days for Claire Lomas to finish the London Marathon but she did it. Despite being paralyzed Claire has become the first person to complete a marathon in a bionic suit. Hundreds came out to cheer on Claire as she made her final steps over the finishing line. Sadly, the organizers refused to acknowledge Claire’s achievement  so she won’t be entered in the official results nor will she receive a medal, but that doesn’t matter because several competitors have already sent their medals to her. Bravo.


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Guess That’s It For Babysitting Duties

When police responded to a call about an unattended baby stroller next to a highway in Marathon, they were shocked to find an 18 month old baby inside it. More surprising was finding the child’s granddad passed out drunk on the pavement next to the stroller. Deputy said the baby was sharing the stroller with two cold Keystone Ice beers. Needless to say Raymond Dascott was charged with child neglect.

Want sauce with that ? (psst:  includes photo of passed out grandpappy)


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Well That Was A Friggin Waste Of Time

Natsuki Terada was leading a marathon and had only 200 meters to go when…. @#%$


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