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Loon Meets The Fat Duck

The Loon has been hanging down  at Margaret River for a few days and hobnobbing with Heston.  You know Fat Duck/ Loon, we have so much in common…oh except for the fact I can’t cook.



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Friggin Appalled

One of the highlights of Margaret River

One of the most unique attractions at Hamelin Bay in Western Australia’s South West are the stingrays. For years tourists have swum, fed and patted the friendly creatures. They patiently wait each day for the fishermen to come into shore so they can feed on the scraps. Well, last month two men walked up to the oldest and friendliest ray “Stumpy” and speared him in front of horrified tourists. They then sliced him up and threw the remains into a portable cooler. Were they prosecuted? NO! Seems like officials have no protection in place for these majestic creatures. Some of the 40 odd tourists on the beach at the time had to be restrained from attacking the two men. Shame, shame, shame! Currently there is a petition circulating calling for the Fisheries minister to turn Hamelin Bay into a marine park sanctuary zone to try and protect its number one tourist attraction. No words can express how truly appalled I am at this. Disfriggingraceful.

Psst I am currently trying to track down the petition.

Want sauce with that?


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Toes Out Of The Water

Margaret River is in shock today after news that a surfer has been mauled to death by a shark this morning. Despite the desperate efforts of locals and fellow surfers to save the man, his injuries were just too horrific.The attack happened at Gracetown break, South Point, a popular surfing location. Gracetown local, Rob Alder said he noticed a half board floating without a rider from his balcony and rushed down to the beach. Another local witnessed thrashing in the water and then noticed a guy swimming for the rocks. A pod of seals in the area are believed to have been the shark’s intended victims. A group of surfers (friggin heroes) administered CPR and mouth to mouth for 20 minutes before the ambulance arrived. They were all still in shock on hearing the news of his death as they had managed to get color back into his face and thought he had a good chance of surviving.

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Something To Crow About Cow

OK Loons, I left the best till last,  introducing the “Something to Crow About Cow” or as I like to call the Cock and Bull! This golden cow was designed by artist Ella Jackson-Walley and can be found grazing under a tree outside Margarets Forest.

Cock and Bull!


Drinks on me!


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Acer The Fresian Cow

Glitter, clover and a great view, what more does a cow want? Acer the Fresian was designed by well known artist Robert Juniper for the 2010 Margaret River CowParade. She can be currently found watching the comings and going from the Jahroc Galleries.

Acer The Fresian

No bull!

Nothing gets passed this cow

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There was as much fun in finding this friggin cow as there was in interrupting people eating to photograph it. Guernicow was designed by artist Jo Taylor for the Margaret River CowParade and can be found mingling with the patrons of Gnarabar.

Jo Taylor – Inspired by Picasso’s habit of moving limbs and adding bits in unusual places, rather than the depiction of the civil war destruction of Guernica.


Picasso inspired

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Tattooed Okowpi Cow

They’re back! Yeah, yeah the last two days has been cowless, because I was using  my Mac while in Sydney. Anywho, this is the Tattooed Okowpi Cow designed by artist Simon James and located at the stunning Wise Wine.

Tattooed Okowpi Cow

Always talking shit!

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Cattle Chosen Cow

OK Loons, you might not have a chance to read what’s scribed on the Cattle Chosen ( Yulika)  cow  so I will give you my Friggin Loon version. Many moons ago, when Western Australia was pretty much a hell hole and settlers were pissed at being given land that was a nightmare to clear,  the Bussell brothers  arrived from England to try their luck. They agreed to take up land in Augusta in the hope of setting up farming land. However, it turned out to be a friggin nightmare just trying to clear the tall timbers, let alone trying to grow anything.  So when their homestead burned down and their friggin cow, Yulika,  did a runner they decided to move to a property in Busselton (yes, eventually named after them) 60 miles away.  When they arrived and began setting up home who should they discover grazing on the new property? Yes, that bloody cow Yulika AND her calf. So the Bussells decided to call their new property Cattle Chosen.

This cow was designed by artist Louise Elscot.

Cattle Chosen Cow

Lazy assed cow chosen!


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Wild Flora Cow

Looking rather inconspicuous at the Perth Domestic airport the Wild Flora cow quietly watches people come and go . The blooming bovine was designed by artist E.M. Leavesley for the Margaret River Cowparade.


Blooming beautiful

Plenty of fertilizer

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South West Moootivator Cow

Now I must say this cow was quite hard to find as it was strategically hidden around the lake at Bettany’s Winery and it was friggin raining!!!!! This colorful cow was designed by artists Joyce Hatchett and Julie Oakley for the 2010 Margaret River Cowparade.

South West Moootivator

A chook with udders!!!

Anyone got a drink?

Full of surprises

Hope my hide don't shrink


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