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How Do You Solve A Problem Like the Sound of Music?

OK before I get a tirade of hate mail, I just want to let you know I hate the movie “Sound of Music”. Hmm, not just hate it, I loathe it. I have never managed to sit through the entire film and lord knows I have tried. I don’t know whether it is specifically Julie Andrews (but she is up there for reasons), those damn goody two shoes children or the friggin singing, but I just can’t stand it. So I thought if I looked up some useless trivia about the appalling movie it may tempt me to once again try watching it. So here goes.

Christopher Plummer also hated the film and referred to it as “The Sound Of Mucus” (He’s the man).
Sean Connery, Richard Burton and Yul Brynner were all considered for the role of Captain von Trapp (I’m von, von Trapp!).
The real Maria von Trapp had a cameo (poor bitch).
WTF, evidently the movie was selected to be broadcast by the BBC after a nuclear strike to improve morale of survivors (fat chance of that!)
Had the von Trapps really hiked over the mountains they would have needed up in Germany (now I would have watched it for that!).
The actress who sang “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” was really 22 going on 35.
The four eldest Osmonds auditioned to play the kids…so too Kurt Russell and Richard Dreyfuss.(Imagine the Osmonds? I wouldn’t have been alone loathing it then)
It was a replacement Gretl on Captain von Trapp’s shoulders during the mountain scene because the real actress got too fat (all that strudel).
Kym Karath (Gretl) vomited over Heather Menzies (Louisa) after the boat toppling scene!(Again had they left that in, I could have been tempted to sneak a peek).
Oooh and did you spot Penny Robinson from Lost in Space. Yes, actress Angela Cartwright played one of the sprogs. (Danger Will Robinson).

Hmm and if you thought nothing could possibly put me off the film anymore, check this out…..


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