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Pot Plant Fail

You know what I hate? When you get caught stealing  marijuana and it turns out to be a friggin tomato plant. I really hate that! The dumbass 15 year old, who was seen leaving the scene with the  plant,  later fessed to the cops  he thought it was a “pot” plant.


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Dude These Brownies Are Far Out

OK Missy, hand over those brownies. Wow, these are good! An eighth grader was busted for selling brownies to her classmates for $3 from her backpack. OK, yes, they were laced with marijuana which would explain the steep price. Evidently up to 20 of her classmates bought the hash brownies. A spokeswoman for the New York middle school called the incident “troubling” and warned anyone who knowing munched on the treat would be disciplined.

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OK, here’s the thing Andrew Allen Kramer, when trying to flog  your marijuana a) don’t wear a bright red coat and b) don’t sell it in front of the friggin courthouse. I’m just saying, people will dob you in.

Want sauce with that?


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Home Comforts in Jail

What would you expect to find in a Acapulco jail during a surprise inspection? Close, but no! The surprise inspection revealed 19 prostitutes, 100 plasma TVs, 100 Cockerels for fighting and a couple of sacks of marijuana.Ta-da! Seems inmates run their own show down in Mexico.


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Senior Citizens Excellent Adventure

Dude, where's my car?

OK, here’s the thing, when preparing a wake for senior cits, probably  not a good idea to spike the brownies with marijuana. I’m just saying. Two elderly women and a man ended up in a California hospital after getting high as kites chomping on the hash brownies. Hmm, wait until the munchies set in!.

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14 Year Old Faces 6 Years in Bali’s Kerobokan jail

One more time people. Indonesia doesn’t care how friggin old you are, if you get caught with drugs, that’s prison time. A 14 year old New South Wales boy is facing up to 6 years in a Bali’s nightmare Kerobokan jail after being arrested for possessing marijuana while on hols with his parents. Indonesia doesn’t not distinguish between children and adults when it comes to crimes or prisons. Here’s in with the big boys. The unnamed kid is currently being held in a Denpasar police station and is said to be in tears. Sheez, I would be too. You ruined the family holidays for starters!


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Hey Mom, Where Are My Brownies?

Woohoo, we must get the recipe!!!

OK loons, here’s the moral of the story…. do not and I repeat, do not take frozen brownies, that your son made, from your freezer and take them to work for the staff. Oh, unless of course you all want to be taken to hospital for being suspectedly high as kites. Three Canadian office workers who started feeling light headed and disorientated after munching on the sweet treat were taken to hospital only to discover the brownies were jam packed with dope.


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I’m Here To Pick Up A Bag

Hold your horses Loons, we may have the winner for potential idiot of the year. Stand up and take a bow Patricia Lynette Wright, of Blenheim. She waltzed into a police station to claim her lost bag. Only prob, it contained 20 grams of cannabis. Bummer, now she has 6 months probation and counselling sessions for her troubles.


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Smell Before You Buy

This is some good shit!

Attention people of Arizona, you might want to think twice before taking another puff on your joint. Seems smugglers may be using sewer pipes to transport marijuana from Mexico to the US. Two feces covered bales of marijuana were discovered on a rope feeding into the system following a complaint about a clogged sewer.

Psst Dear lord, have none of you smugglers heard of a plastic bags ?

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Gator Aid

Such a cushy job!

When it comes to protecting your 2,300 marijuana plants you can’t be too careful. That’s why Wally was given the job. He’s a 4ft, 55lb alligator. Wally was living in the back room of a California home until he was taken away by police following a drug bust and taken to a wildlife sanctuary.


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