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Yes Honey, We All Came From A Rock

Human life came from MarsNo need to beam us up, seems we’ve already been there. Some scientists now suspect that life began on Mars and then came to Earth via a rock . Reasoning? Well, evidently all the minerals essential to creating life were only available on Mars at the time. So basically that makes us all a bunch of martians .

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To Mars Alice!

Hi ya there

Hi ya there

Dear lord, move over Snooki we have a new reality show about to grace the airwaves. Mars One are looking for 24 very brave people to star in a long running reality show. Hmm, not so fast, I haven’t told you about the catch …. you need to be willing to live on Mars, permanently. Yep, a one way ticket to the red planet. The successful applicants will spend 8 years training for the 54.6 million km journey before taking off to live out the rest of their lives in a pile of red dust. Yes, they will have the unique opportunity to be the first settlers on Mars and as additional bonus, we get to watch it all unfold. This should be a laugh a minute. Oh did I happen to mention they will be expected to populate the planet too. Now there’s a reason to watch!


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This Just In


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Duck Everybody, the Phobos-Grunt Probe Is Coming Down!

Has anyone heard of the Phobos-Grunt probe? And No, it has nothing to do with aliens…ah never mind. It’s a Russian spaceship, which was intended to be heading to Mars, but got stuck in the wrong orbit after blast off and is now out of control and expected to crash land somewhere on earth. Oh that’s just friggin dandy, has anyone seen my hard hat?.  And yes, we are getting the usual spiel about “don’t panic” the likelihood of it landing on someone’s noggin is near to none.

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It Could Be….

OK loons, I don’t want to get you too excited because I know how easily disappointed you all can get (oh and yes, downright skeptical ) but some lounge chair lizard has found a building on Mars.Yeah now see, stop rolling your eyes. David Martines found it while searching on Google Mars the coordinates are: 71 49’19.73″N 29 33’06.53″W if you don’t believe him.

Psst Hmm, if anything, it does make you think if there are other life forms out there they have  incredibly bad taste in architecture too!


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Volunteers For Mars


OK loons, want to go to Mars? Hmm, just one slight catch, it’s a one way trip. Yep, you ain’t never coming back because basically NASA are on a budget and it’s way too expensive to fly you back and friggin fro. The project is being headed by Pete Worden (who runs one of NASA’s top research centers). Volunteers will be expected to establish a colony on Mars and eventually become self sufficient.So are you in?


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