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Mascot Rage

Despite just winning the 3000m steeplechase French athlete Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad unleashed his temper on a 14 year old girl in a mascot suit.

Psst It isn’t the first time he has abused a mascot. Evidently in 2010 he pushed a mascot to the ground .


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Racist Goat Painted Black

Why are you staring at me?

How do you get up the nostril of the Swiss People’s Party, a seriously far right group? Kidnap their mascot, Zottel the goat and paint him black. That ought to do it. Zottel, according to the party’s website, is “against mass immigration”.

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Bad For Business If Your Mascot Looks Like a KKK Member

Blahahahahahahaha, you know your marketing sucks when your ice cream cone mascot scares off your customers because it looks like a Klu Klux Klan member. The ice cream shop owners Jose Cantres and Jesus Diaz, who are from Puerto Rico, had never even heard of the KKK when they hired some guy to walk up and down the street in the costume to attract customers. One resident of Ocala in Florida said she was so frightened of the “white dollop” she burst into tears and called her husband. Others thought it was a white supremacist ice cream store. Hmm, like so you can only order vanilla?

Psst Want to see what a KKK ice cream cone looks like? Click here.


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Utah Jazz bear vs Cleveland Cavaliers Fan

When mascots go wild……


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Raptor Enraptured

WTF is that? Friggin mascot from hell. Hmm, shouldn’t it be swallowing the opposition cheerleader?

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One For The Mascot

Sometimes the off court action is better than the game ….


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Watch Where You’re Going Stupid Blind Bear

Watch as the mascot for the IAAF World Track & Field Championships crashes into a cart while carrying Jamaican Melaine Walker, the 400m hurdle world champion, on his back.

Psst Rumors are it was Lashinda Demus’s dad in the bear suit! Kidding!!! But did anyone see Caster?

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Baseball, Brings a Bee to It’s knees

Bingo the Bee, who is the Binghamton Mets mascot, had an unfortunate incident after his little dance routine following a grand slam. I don’t know how big bee’s balls are, but I think they may have got just a little bit bigger. Took the sting right out of his day. Look away men, it’s nasty…


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No Fairy Tale In This Town

Are you looking at me?

Are you talking at me?

It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Well not if you live in Mountain Park, Georgia.They have just removed old Romeo and his siblings, because of their bad attitude. How quickly was their fall from grace? OK, sit back and I will tell you the sad tale of Romeo and Juliet. A few years back the town welcomed Romeo and Juliet, two beautiful white swans. The townsfolk were so enamoured by the pair they were soon declared the town’s mascots. Then one night, as everyone was tucked away in bed, a coyote came a calling and ate poor Juliet. Romeo and the townsfolk mourned. A replacement Juliet was found and life once again was good. But like a curse , this Juliet was also met with foul play (OK, an infection from a fish hook). Enter Viola, not as catchy a name, but at least she was curseless. Now Romeo and Viola, hit it off big time. In fact Romeo became so smitten with his latest bird, he attacked anyone who so much as thought of giving her bread. It soon came apparent to the towns folk that the playground had been claimed by the young lovers.Romeo and his missus took great delight in tormenting the little kiddies and especially in chasing them off the swing sets when no one was looking (who am I kidding, they didn’t care who was looking!). When Viola became a parent for the first time the town rejoiced, now the playground would be set free. But alas  Romeo and Viola weren’t good parents, in fact they were damn abusive. Children ran screaming from the park as the two delighted in attacking their own little signets. Romeo then took his frustrations out on wood ducklings, going out on murderous sprees.  Action had to be taken and taken fast to save the babies and the town. With heavy hearts the towns folk rounded up  the signets , took them somewhere safe and then sold them all. As for Romeo and Viola, they had their sorry asses hauled out of town and placed on a lake far, far away. And the mascotless town lived happily every after. The end.


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