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Maxi Pad Bandit

One more time Loons, if you are going to conceal your face while robbing a store please don’t use something that will end in tears …and a life of mockery. Poor, silly Gary wasn’t thinking straight when he stuck a feminine hygiene pad on his forehead to conceal his identity when he broke into an auto parts store. He not only got caught but he will now be forever known  as the Maxi Pad Bandit. Dear lord, what were you thinking Gary?



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Silly Billy

Oh for crying out loud Lorenzo Mason, don’t be taking off your mask in front of a CCTV camera after robbing a bookmaker at gunpoint because a) the police will publish your dumbass face and b) your momma will recognize you and dob you in. Mason whipped off the scarf as he left the scene of the crime fearing he would arouse suspicion. Say cheese! Now he has five years in jail to think about how stupid he was.


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