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Tipping Point

Word of warning to would be masturbators who like to use portable toilets to flash their penis at people. If you piss people off enough someone is bound to tip the goddam porta-potty over with you in it. The flasher was trapped with door side down and had to be rescued. Oh and if you were wondering YES he was covered from head to foot in other people’s poop. WARNING- video gross

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Every Single One

Oh my, why are all these pages stuck together?

Oh my, why are all these pages stuck together?

A word of warning to anyone contemplating masturbating in libraries. A man from Wisconsin has been banned from  “all the libraries on the face of the earth.”after he slapped his sausage one too many times in a public library. The ban is part of his bond. Sheez, doesn’t he know you can go blind?


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Serial Masturbator Strikes Again

OK, here’s the thing serial masturbator, when you are sitting on a staircase, in an alley, with your pants down around your ankles, spanking the sausage, and two cops tell you to stop,  don’t refuse and tell them to wait until your finished, that’s just gross.

Psst Seattle

2nd Psst Thanks to Craig Berry for the heads up and who adamantly denies it’s about him.

3rd Psst  No Bearman I’m not adding a piece of clipart for this post!!!!


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That Ain’t No Picnic

A Cincinnati man was arrested last week for masturbating in public with a teddy bear. This is the 4th time he has been caught engaging in public indecency and disorderly conduct with a teddy . No word on if it was the same teddy in each case. I think we might just leave it at that! Awkward! Hmm, know anything about this Bearman …. Duncan wants to know?

Want sauce with that?


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Here’s a question for you… should a man who has a chronic issue with masturbating in public be kept in prison after he’s completed his sentence? The man in question is Donald Sauve, who has been repeatedly caught flashing his tackle and slapping his sausage in public and spent numerous times in and out of prison for his habit. Despite Sauve’s actions being gross and disturbing, it hasn’t been of a violent sexual nature nor has he ever touched or approached anyone during his little solo sessions. However, prosecutors in Salem, Massachusetts, want to use a special law aimed at  “sexually dangerous persons” to keep him behind bars indefinitely. Yay or nay?

Psst Hmm, I’d just send him to Washington where all the other wankers are!


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