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tiger 4Oklahoma Zoo worker puts her arm into a tiger’s cage…. you can fill out the rest.

Want sauce with that?


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Don’t Feed The Wildlife



One more time people , don’t be feeding the big old hungry  bear while going on a bike ride during a church picnic. That’s a mauling right there. The man , who had been drinking a tad, came across  the bear during the ride and  threw him a piece of barbeque meat. Unfortunately, when he threw a second piece, the bear went friggin psycho and attacked him. Obviously,it wasn’t cook to his liking. The man was later discovered by a park ranger, washing the blood from his puncture wounds at a campground.


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Vicious Friggin Wombats

Lucky you weren't bitch slapped by a possum!

You would have to be one unlucky bugger to get yourself mauled by a wombat. Poor Bruce Kringle stepped out of his caravan in Flowerdale, Melbourne and straight into the arms of a vicious wombat. Not only did it grabbed his leg, it pulled him to the ground and then jumped on his chest, all the while scratching him with his claws. Luckily for Mr Kringle he was able to reach for an axe and kill the beast.

Psst Hmm, good luck telling that story at the pub!


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