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Stephen King Rang

The mayor of Salem got a fright when he saw this staring down at him from a street light. Boo!


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Freakin Morons Get Apology

Naw, a democratic Massachusetts mayor has copped it sweet, eaten humble pie and decided to apologise for calling protesters “freakin’ morons” during a public meeting. The demonstrators were ranting about the immigration policies of  Trump when the mayor unleashed his inner kraken (on a live mic) and said “freakin’ morons. Morons, morons, morons” and then followed up by calling them uneducated. Now that is what I call bipartisan .

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Minnesota Goes To The Dogs

Aboxer_dog_peeking_outside_doggie_door_lg_whtwesome.  The Minnesota town of Cormorant has elected a dog as mayor.  Duke the 4 year old pooch won by a landslide. Woof.


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Alien Head Dug Up In Croatia

Where did you bury ET?

Where did you bury ET?

Forget Area 51, a Croatian mayor believes graveyard workers have found the head of an alien and it stinks like  men’s cologne. Yes the extraterrestrial object was dug up by grave diggers and now the mayor wants it tested. Locals aren’t so sure it is alien, many believe it is simply a tree root. Hmm, yep, I’m going for the tree root too.

Psst I wonder if it smells like  Old Spice?


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Can You Hear The Lambs Clarice?

OK here’s the thing disgruntled person. Sending a parcel to the Charleston Mayor with a stupid letter that makes no sense is one thing, but including a dead bird with no eyes is downright disturbing. Might want to sleep with one eye open Mr Mayor, just saying.


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Mayor of Awesome

So you are a mayor in Sweden and you have $91,584 of taxpayers money to spend, what do you do? Well, you get an artist to paint a mural of you dressed as a Roman legionary that’s what! Now, now, to be fair  mayor Lars Ahlkvist also included  a local financier and his partner in the painting. The financier was depicted as Sweden’s King Karl XI and his squeeze a noble lady. Now, that is an awesome waste of taxpayers money. If I had a bucket load of taxpayers money to waste spend on public art I think I would create an enormous bronze pigeon with a public toilet on top so we could all poop on it!!!


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Sexist or Smart?

A mayor in a small town in Germany has designated special parking spaces just for men in several car parks because…wait for it…. they are harder to get into.

Psst Don’t worry ladies, they’ll spend most of the time driving around trying to  find them.


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