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WTF Australia!!!!

Just when you thought Australia couldn’t get more scarier …. introducing sea lice. Yes, the latest creature to deter us from putting a friggin toe in the ocean. A teen was left bleeding from hundreds of little bites after cooling off  for a few minutes in the water. Doctors, who struggled to contain the bleeding were baffled as to what the hell caused this mess.  The teens confused father decided to go back to the location with some chunks of meat and guess what? Friggin flesh eating bugs appeared. But don’t fret sea loving loons, in typical Aussie fashion an expert said ‘sea lice should not alarm people or deter them from swimming.’ Hmm, neither should sharks, blue ring octopus, stone fish or deadly jellyfish right?

Sea Lice


I deliberately put his horror image last, so look away squeamish loons….the ravishes of sea lice….

UPDATE: The creatures have been identified now as Sea Fleas not Sea Lice. Who friggin cares, they are spawns of Satan!!!!


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What a Tool

When your flashing just doesn’t seem to be working for ya , why not try wearing a high-visibility fluoro-yellow work top? That seems to be the go. Melbourne Police are on the hunt for a tradie who has been dropping his daks and exposes himself to women over the past month.

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Fruit of the Loon

Banana man closed down a council meeting in Melbourne after he started handing out bananas. Evidently, Banana Man was protesting against the Mayor using a council vehicle to visit the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour during the Christmas break. In response the Mayor stopped the meeting and Banana Man split.


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Superman Hates His Life

Seems even Superman can lose his temper ….


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Stop Blowing Your Horn

Oh for crying out loud. A Melbourne motorist had more than pursed lips after he was busted for …wait for it…playing a trumpet while he was driving. An cop drove up beside the maestro , following complaints by other drivers about his erratic behaviour, and discovered he was tooting away. No word on what he was playing.

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Is That You Santa?

I’m guessing the Aussie Santa was naughty this year. A post office in Melbourne was robbed by Santa. Yes, he had a red suit and a bushy white beard. The staff intially thought Santa was going to hand out candy but he wanted them to fill his sack full of money. He fled in a Jeep.

Hey Santa,  Rudolph is missing!!!

Sucked in!!!


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Nail Biting Emergency



Oh crap. Melbourne authorities have sent out an urgent plea for the man who bought Tincture of Nux Vomica from a local pharmacy  to return it immediately. Seems it contains friggin strychnine. Yes , you heard me strychnine. The man told the pharmachist he wanted something to stop his kid from biting their nails. Hmm, yeah, that will do it. Ingesting it can cause convulsions and possible death. Big question, who sells strychnine to the public? Miss Marple would be rolling around in her grave.


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