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All Beef Patty

I just love a good food fight. Macca’s staff cracked a whopper in front of a bemused drive-thr customer. Priceless. Be warned…some choice language.

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Customer Service Nightmare Meltdown

I usually don’t like posting long Youtube clips but this is so friggin hilarious I just simply had to. We begin this rant after 3 and a half hours of some poor customer being given the “please hold” ….”I will just transfer you through to someone who can help” ….. and the “Michelle” runaround.  WARNING Language gets progressively worse as runaround continues…..


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This Is Your Pilot Freaking

Remember the JetBlue  pilot who went troppo on a New York  flight in March? Sure you do, he jumped out of the cockpit midflight and went screaming down the aisle yelling crazy stuff about terrorists and 9/11 before being restrained by passengers. Yeah him. Well, he’s been ruled insane and won’t face any charges.


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Is Voodoo Behind Jason Russell’s Meltdown?

OMG Loons, no need to panic just quite yet but a former member of Kony’s child army is claiming the bizarre behavior by Jason Russell last week is Joseph Kony’s doing. Seems Kony is a master at voodoo and Russell’s out of character behavior wreaks of black magic. Seriously, I didn’t know voodoo travels? Richard Akena, who has been captured 4 times by Kony’s forces as a child,  claims Kony has been using voodoo for years to force children to do his dirty work. Akena is pretty convinced Kony was behind Russell’s meltdown.

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Don’t Panic But Get The Hell Out!!!!!

The latest official warning in Japan’s nuclear nightmare has gone from “we now have a 30km exclusion zone” to “get the hell out of the country”.  Australian and US governments are telling their citizens to get out of Japan ASAP  as it looks more and more likely a meltdown is inevitable at the Fukushima nuclear plant.


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Flight Attendant Meltdown on JetBlue

OK, that was awkward.

Steven Slater has just won the award for best exit by a flight attendant after being verbally abused by a passenger. The JetBlue flight attendant was so pissed off by a passenger telling him to “fuck off” he started yelling obscenities over the public address system before grabbing two beers and exiting via the inflatable emergency slide. After flying down the slide he ran across the tarmac to the staff car park, jumped in his Jeep Wrangler and took off home. Ta-da. The melt down started after he told a passenger not to remove baggage from the overhead compartment. The passenger told him to “fuck off” and opened the compartment anyway, which whacked Slater on the head. After the plane pulled up to the terminal Slater let rip, screaming “To the fucking asshole that told me to fuck off, it’s been a good 28 years!” before grabbing the beers and pulling the emergency lever. It’s believed Slater’s father died from Lou Gehrig’s disease two years ago and he is currently living with his cancer stricken mom. Slater was arrested by the Port Authority.

Psst I sure hope there is surveillance footage. What a hoot!


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Starbucks Meltdown

I don’t know loons, me thinks this dude should step away from the coffee, he’s got all the adrenalin rush he needs…


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Susan Boyle Mop Meltdown

OK, but with a mop!

OK, I’ll try to be nice loons, as I know there are quite a few Susan Boyle fans amongst you.  Seems the fragile singer has had another semi meltdown at the VIP lounge in Heathrow airport, singing into a mop and then trying to polish people’s shoes with it. Witnesses say she grabbed the mop from a cleaner and began shouting obscenities before breaking out into song using the floor cleaning device as a microphone. Hello, where were her minders? British airline staff tried to calm SuBo down but she fled the lounge screaming “I’ve escaped, I’ve escaped!”. A BA official sat with the distraught singer until she boarded her flight to Chicago.

Psst Why did they let her board a plane and why was she not accompanied by a minder? Irresponsible.


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