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Pepper Spraying Policeman

OK, here’s the thing Lieutenant John Pike of the NYPD, if you are going to pepper spray unarmed protestors sitting on the ground in front of a crowd holding cell phones and cameras don’t let Anonymous find out. They have not only published your name but your home address, phone numbers, skype address and email address all over the Internet and have asked the “citizens of the world” to flood them all. Oh boy, regrets, he had a few….

Of course the Loon has joined in the meme …

Royal pepper spraying



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Anne Sellors Is A Legend

OMG, imagine you have a bit part in the 1984 movie Threads, about a nuclear war on the UK. It’s only a small part, which requires you to look shocked then pee your pants, but you do it, thinking, the pays good and no one will ever remember me because the scene was so short. WRONG. Anne Sellors is now an internet phenomenon thanks in part to IMDb who so kindly mentions her as the “uncredited” actress who “urinates herself” and internet users who have kept her popularity up 4,078,266%.Pure marketing genius…


One has only to read the IMDb boards to know she is adored by many. Spadowski writes “Someone get this lady an agent, because a new Internet star is about to be born.I smell a sequel!” Another suggests she may go on to cure cancer!
So who is this enigma Anne Sellors? Who the F*** knows, but someone, either Anne Sellor herself, or a family member had the good foresight to admit she was in the film. Who could forget her two second scene …

The look!

The leak!

I bet the actor who appeared seconds before her scene wished he had the foresight! No one will ever remember him as the man on the toilet. Loser!

Missed your chance buddy!

Just didn't cut it!

Psst If you too want to piss your pants laughing check out Anne Sellors page on IMDb .


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