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Not Tonight Honey I Have a Headache

Maybe I should wear make-up?

Let this be a warning to you boys, an Emirati  man is being sued by his wife for $11 million for failing to have sex with her and thus causing her mental anguish. Did you hear me? $11 million! Seems hubby failed to put out for the first four months of marriage to hide his erectile dysfunction issue (poor love). Hmm, now the miffed wife wants payment for her troubles and his failure to meet her needs. Sheez, good luck with that lady, considering how Arab men just love outspoken women.


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So That’s Why All The Secrecy

Man, this home brew Coke recipe is amazing

Hey, remember last week when Coca Colas secret recipe was revealed and I said “wow, I didn’t know Coke contained alcohol”. Yeah, well about that, seems I wasn’t the only one surprised. Introducing the $1.2 billion class action by Israeli Muslims,  Advs. Hani Tannus, Ofir Cohen, and Mahmud Machjana . They are seeking  compo for each Muslim in Israel (that’s 1.2 million) for the mental anguish caused by Coca Cola’s misleading ways . Hello, Muslims are forbidden from drinking alcohol, that’s mental anguish right there. The suit reads in part “This is one of the greatest deceptions in the history of consumer affairs, when a company ignores the existence of alcohol as an ingredient despite being aware that the Muslim world abstains from products like these. This is a very serious matter and it certainly won’t be the last in the world in light of the fraud.”
Oh boy, wait until the moms of America unite with their class action. Brockovich will be busy!


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