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What could possible go wrong?

So how was school?

Well little snowflakes from New York,  it’s time to go back to school following Hurricane Sandy. Yes, come Monday morning you will all be at your desks . Oh, but if you happen to find a psychiatric patient already at your seat no probs , you’ll be sharing. Seems many of the homeless and displaced mentally ill, who were evacuate to the schools during the storm, are basically still there and have no where else to go. So squeeze on in, grab a seat and don’t forget to share your crayons.


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Charity Fail

Oh for crying out loud,when a man told staff at the Morrisons store in Barry, South Wales, that he wanted to buy crisps, beer and fizzy drinks for a charity event they were more than helpful. They helped him load up £3,338 worth of food and drink in 22 trolleys and even announced the charity event over their announcement system. Only problem…. his bank card was declined. Seems the man had some mental illness issues.

Psst Yes the staff had to put it all back. Unlucky.


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Jared Loughner Mugshot

Is Jared Loughner insane , mentally ill or just plain evil? This is the mugshot of the alleged assassin who opened fire in Tuscon and changed the lives of so many forever. None of his  family or friends appeared in the courtroom when he made his first appearance to face the music.

Jared Loughner

After seeing this mugshot and reading that no one turned up to support him I couldn’t help but think of  “I Want Ice Water”  post “Who’s Really To Blame” (sheez, two friggin links in one day!).  He raises some very interesting points about responsibilities .


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You know what I hate? When you are flying from Bali to Melbourne and a passenger with an undiagnosed mentally illness loses it mid flight. I really friggin hate that. The Virgin Blue flight had to make an emergency landing in Darwin to remove the man and cart him to hospital. Meanwhile the 148 passengers will now have a chance to go stir crazy themselves, forced to stay in Darwin  while they wait for an engineer to check the plane because it landed with a huge thud during the drama. Sheez!


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Pepper Spray Confusion

No, no , no Portland police, you don’t douse a burning man with pepper spray, he’s hurting enough. A policewoman who was coming to the aid of a man who had set himself on fire accidentally grabbed the heavy duty riot spray from the trunk of the patrol car instead of the fire extinguisher.Easy mistake, they are both friggin red! Luckily the pepper spray was water based and non flammable. Another driver, who also witnessed the incident, grabbed a fire extinguisher from his vehicle and attempted to douse out the flames. Sadly Daniel Shaull  died in hospital from his burns. His father said Daniel was suicidal, had psychiatric problems and was living on the streets.

Psst On a serious note people, if you need help don’t forget  to use those helplines.

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