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Great Start To The New Year

drunk3A bike rider who rode into the passenger side of a Mercedes as it stopped at an intersection on New Year’s Day responded by bashing the driver and taking off with the luxury convertible. Witnesses said they saw the cyclist and bike fly over the bonnet and straight under the car. The cyclist then yelled to “reverse up” and when the driver got out to see if he was OK the rider went all commando on him, punching him repeatedly in the face before jumping behind the wheel and taking off. To add salt into the wound , the Merc wasn’t his, he had borrowed it from a friend.Oh and did I forget to mention the bike was stolen. Happy 2014.

Psst Sydney


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Nazi Dictator was a Lead Foot

OMG, guess who got caught speeding in their suped up Merc in 1931? Adolph Hitler that’s who. Pity the fool who pulled that friggin dictator over. As expected the Nazi leader tried to wiggle his way out of paying by claiming it was his lookalike chauffeur Julius Schreck driving. According to records unearthed in a Bavarian archive,  Hitler was going 34.3mph (55.3kmh) which was double the allowed speed limit. He should have been banned from driving for that irresponsible behavior on the roads. The speeding ticket was stamped with the word “settled” on it but experts are doubtful Hitler coughed up the fine. The date of the ticket was marked as the day after Hitler’s half niece, Geli Raubal, shot herself in the head with his pistol which have many to speculate that he may have been racing back to Munich for damage control. As for officer Probst who sent the summons to Hitler, nothing was ever heard of him again.


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Just Blowing In The Wind!

Word of warning man in Merc, do not stand up and expose yourself through your sunroof in front of an off duty cop and his family, even if you do live in Florida. That’s an arresting right there!


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Smart Cars Don’t Float

Forget cow tipping people, the Dutch are Smart Car Dipping. Yep, as the rest of Europe cringe and hope this wont become a new craze, over a dozen of the little eco-friendly two seater Smart Cars have been dumped in Amsterdam canals. One poor guy had the police knock in the middle of the night to tell him his car was floating down a waterway outside his apartment. His room mate’s Smart Car got a dunking the week before. Come on, lets face it the cars are sinking sitting ducks for these types of childish pranks. No really, it doesn’t take very many people to lift it and chuck.

Psst I hear Mercedes are seriously considering making the next model float.

Ooh and lookie Smart Car even have a banned commercial, bonus!


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Who Stole My Lippy?

Darl, that roach rice was simply awful

Darl, that roach rice was simply awful!

Schapelle Corby, ex beauty therapist and convicted Aussie drug smuggler has discovered a great way to pass away the time at the Kerobokan jail in Bali. Teach the inmates beauty tips. With 15 odd years of her sentence left to go, it may help keep her mind off things. A group have already approached authorities about setting up a beauty salon so they can run makeup courses. And wouldn’t you know it, sis Mercedes (with her recently acquired millions) has offered to supply the products for the salon, bless. I think there would nothing better for morale than looking pretty in prison.

Psst I guess nail files are out?


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