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Hunters Be Warned

If you go into the Wisconsin woods today you’re in for a big surprise …. like a)  a volatile meth lab that could go kaboom or b) crazy, high, paranoid druggies who could go postal on you .  So says the sheriff who has issued a warning to all hunters.


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Meth Labs Of Walmart


Meth lab, aisle 4

Oh come on people of Walmart. A store in Indiana has been decontaminated after an active meth lab was found in a backpack. Seems Walmart bathrooms have become a popular place  to crank up drug labs. Cops say it has become more common for dealers to use public places to leave the chemicals to cook, better for a store to kaboom than their own homes.


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Get Your Meth Nice And Fresh

Man caught cooking meth while drivingAnd here I was thinking men can’t multi-task, sheez! When police spotted Thomas Christian Johns driving along Interstate 285 with his seatbelt unbuckled they thought it was just a routine misdemeanor. Hmm, well were they hell surprised to discover they had interrupted Mr Johns cooking meth. That would be methamphetamine for people who like long words! Yes, the clown was cooking his meth whilst driving (a rolling meth lab). If he only used his mind for good!   Officer Gene Callaway of the Doraville Police Department said “I want to know how this guy didn’t blow up.” Evidently the chemicals he was using could have blown the interstate to kingdom come!


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