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Sorry Sir They Don’t Exist

A man in Iowa tried to deposit a $1 million bill into his bank account.  Needless to say the bank rang the cops who asked him if he has any more million dollar bills and low and behold a baggie of meth fell from his pocket. Naw, bless. I wonder whose face he drew on the bill?

PSST  I wonder what he exchanged for the bill? He is going to be right pissed when the fog lifts!

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Adding Salt To The Wound

jail-5Um, yeah about your four months in jail…we bad? An Aussie man jailed for four months after being caught with crystal meth has been released with no charge after it was discovered the “drug” was actually Epsom salt. Well, they took there sweet time having it analysed, now didn’t they?

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Blonde I Assume


How could this possibly be, a bikini model has been arrested and charged with running a global drug ring. Once voted the “sexiest woman in the world” Simone Farrow (who evidently has 19 aliases) is accused of trafficking meth hidden in bags of bath salts. Busting the myth that bikini models are dumb, Farrow set up a fake bath product company and sent the drugs via FedEx to Australia. Hmm,OK, not so smart but guess who’s gonna be the most popular inmate in prison?


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